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Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Be Prepared. 

Meal Prep -- It's What We Do

Fresh is Best

Wouldn't it be great if everytime you got hungry -- you had a chef-created, healthy meal, ready to eat -- right in your fridge? Well.. that's what we do. Every single week. And we're here for YOU.

Local, Woman-Owned Business

Aren't you sick of bland, boring frozen food deliveries from some big name brand located 10 states away? When you eat with BOSS, you support a local business that ONLY serves the Greater Syracuse Area. (so when you text us, you go right to the owner -- not a ROBOT)

High Quality = Best Results

High Quality Ingredients. Chef-created, completely unique, seasoned-to-taste meals. Regularly rotating menu with large variety. Rapid-chilledmeals for maximum freshness. Custom labels with your name on it. Ever heard the saying... You get what you pay for?

Macros & Perfect Portions

Everything we do is weighed, macro-balanced, and portioned for maximum success. With loads of meal-specific customizations -- BOSS MP fits into nearly ANY diet. 

Customer Success

What Our Clients Say

Every meal tastes AMAZING! My husband and I are hooked on Boss Meals. The ingredients are high quality and there are so many options! My husband enjoys the Athlete Mean size meals and I get the Lean meals but we "share" the Brownie Batter Balls (We actually order 2 servings now... can't share those!) I work downtown Syracuse and picking up at Metro Fitness on Monday afternoons is really easy and convenient. Just order! Trust me you won't regret it!

Heather MaddoxHeather Maddox

I absolutely love this local small business meal prep service! They offer so many great selections, and it's fantastic that they introduce new options frequently. The meals are so convenient, as they are microwavable and easy to prepare, which is especially helpful for someone like me with ADHD who gets easily overwhelmed from meal planning and cooking. But what really sets this service apart is that the food tastes like it's homemade. It's always so fresh and delicious! The owner, Alex, is such a sweetheart and always goes above and beyond to be helpful. Plus, the convenience of local delivery is a game-changer for me. Since starting with this service, I've lost 15 pounds and feel great. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for healthy, easy, and delicious meal options in the area!

Amelia GumpAmelia Gump

Boss Meal Prep has made It possible to prioritize myself and my family by ordering these amazing meals! The different options, as well as the bulk options, has saved me so much Mom guilt without sacrificing quality food to serve at the end of a busy day :)

Kaitlin SgarlataKaitlin Sgarlata

Hands down. This meal prep service has been a god send! The meals are so fresh and delicious! I can’t stop saying anything but amazing things. This has really helped me stay on track with my fitness goals. The meals are healthy and macro friendly. Alex is so amazing and she really puts her heart and soul into these meals. This is my second month doing my meal prep orders and I have loved every second of it. Don’t hesitate to order from Boss Meals. It won’t let you down at all!

Maya GalernterMaya Galernter

I absolutely love Boss Meals! Every meal has been absolutely delicious. They are responsive and communicative to any questions I’ve had. I’m so glad I found Boss Meals!!

Kevin O'BrienKevin O'Brien

I have been using the Boss meal prep service for over a year. The quality of the food is always fantastic! The communication and professionalism of the team is also top notch. I highly recommend.

Jason IorioJason Iorio

So grateful to have found a local meal prep service. Alex and her team provide top notch delicious and healthy meals. You can taste her talent and love for her clients in every bite. I don't think I will ever cook again!

Diana DiRubboDiana DiRubbo

Amazing food and outstanding service! She really does go above and beyond.

Chanel RhodesChanel Rhodes

Alex is a fantastic chef and a professional business woman. Many of my clients have used her services to help with meal prepping. They truly love her delivery services and quick responses.

Best in the area!! 👏👏 I highly recommend for all fitness clients!

Shauna BurkeShauna Burke

This is the best meal prepped food ever! So convenient and has so much flavor! If you can ever try the banana bread - it’s amazing!!!

Christie ChafeeChristie Chafee

I am seriously impressed with boss meal prep. The system works great, very easy to order and get ready-made food delivered weekly. This has helped me tremendously, feel less stressed during the week, eat better and built-in portion control. All the flavors are on point, I couldn't be happier.

Alyssa DwyerAlyssa Dwyer

I am so excited that Alex shares her talents with me, she cooks amazingly delicious and healthy foods for me every week! From Pancakes to Waldorf Salad and everything in between are so Tastey! I’m down 29 pounds since I began with her Service, I order 21 meals every week! I highly recommend Boss Meal Prep!

Jane DuerrJane Duerr

The meals at Boss Meal Prep are amazing and the customer service is even better! I love the convenience of having healthy and filling meals in my fridge for the week. I highly recommend Boss!

Jake SegalJake Segal

I'm not a food person. Nevermind cooking, I barely eat.

I am not qualified to evaluate food.

On the other hand, I know a little bit about service. Alex and Boss Meal Prep deliver the freshest service. I tried TrifectaNutrition before Boss Meal Prep. The difference is night and day.

I order meals weekly. If there's a problem I get a text days before from Alex that tells me what she's doing to fix it. If I'm not home she's able to drop it off anyway.

A lot of folks are cooking tasty food. Quality service is rare. And the service from Boss Meal Prep is the best.

Peter SmithPeter Smith

Alexandra, OWNER

Chef Alexandra BOSS Meal prep

Frequently asked questions

Most of our clients asked us THESE questions -- check out our answers!

How Does it Work Exactly?We have one weekly deadline - Thursday @ Midnight. All orders placed by the deadline will be made over the weekend, for that Monday Pickup or Delivery!

Is it Fresh?100%. One of the things that sets us apart from other meal prep companies is that we are LOCAL and make everything fresh, from scratch. Your meals are refrigerated -- NOT frozen. And ready to eat!

How much does it cost?How much is feeling your best, worth to you?

Our Pricing Policy
The more BOSS Meals you eat a week -- the lower your price per meal. You can order as few, or as many, meals as you like -- with no subscription required! So price varies. But on average, the cost of our standard size (LEAN) meal is $10-$12.
➡️ Build your plan HERE to get the most accurate $.

Do you have Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free meals?Yes! Many of our meals are already gluten and/or dairy free. And most of those that aren't, can be adjusted as needed. 

All meals list their allergens when you're adding them to your cart -- and many meals have "allergen adjustment" dropdowns for maximum customization.

How are the meals packaged?Our meals are traditionally lidded in microwave-safe, recyclable plastic containers. You can also opt to have some or all of your meals "vacuum sealed" to maximize their freshness, and travel-capabilities.

How long do the meals last?Lidded meals are freshest up to 5 days in the fridge. Vacuum sealed meals are freshest up to 8 days in the fridge, and can be frozen if desired. (although we don't recommend freezing meals with fresh, raw produce like salads)

Where are you located?Our commercial kitchen is located in East Syracuse. We are not open to the public except for MONDAYS during scheduled pickup times.

Do you deliver?Yes! You can choose to either pick up at our Kitchen, or at one of our Community Partners' locations. 

You can also opt for local delivery if you live in Syracuse and the surrouding area. If you're too far for local delivery -- we also ship overnight via UPS to any address in New York State! (excluding NYC).

How often does the menu change?Our menu is seasonal, and changes frequently! We like to rotate our meals and create brand new options for our clients every couple weeks -- while still keeping the same favorites available year-round. This versatility is second to none!

Why should I subscribe?We understand not everyone wants a weekly subscription -- that's why we don't require it! But if you do -- there are some great benefits. 

Namely -- you never have to worry about missing the deadline or a new meal drop! With our subscriptions -- you have the flexibilty to pause/reactivate/cancel at any time right in your account page.

You also can change your meals easily without having to re-do the checkout process -- and when new meals are added, we automatically switch out the old meals for new ones that fit best for you!

Who We Are

What we do, why we do it, and where we choose to serve our community.

About us

We are a small, local business in Syracuse, New York -- dedicated to changing the lives of our clients by creating the freshest, healthiest meals on a convenient meal prep schedule.

By harnessing both the innovation of modern ideas and the warm comfort of traditional flavors, we are on a mission to change the perception and accessibility of "eating healthy" for everyone -- and serving up satisfying success stories every single day!

Our Story

We were founded in 2019 by Alexandra Nero in Syracuse, New York after a professional career of Marketing & Hospitality sparked a new idea...that eventually became BOSS Meal Prep!

Coming from an Italian family where food is the center of life and love, Alex always felt at home in The Kitchen, no matter where she was. She dedicated her life to the pursuit of Health, Fitness and Total Wellness -- so when she became a Certified Health Coach and decided to build a Meal Prep Company -- it was like the 2 halves of her heart finally aligned!


What makes us different from the other meal prep companies out there? We are born and raised HERE, in Syracuse, NY.

We are solely dedicated to creating a healthier community by employing LOCAL people, working with LOCAL vendors, and partnering with other like-minded LOCAL businesses.

You can pick up your meals on your way home from work, text directly with our Owner/Head Chef Alex, and be a part of building something incredible!

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