Our Goal

BOSS MEAL PREP is a local company dedicated to preparing and delivering delicious, healthy, fully cooked meals to the Central New York region. Our mission is to provide convenient and creative healthy meals to anyone who’s ready to level up their nutrition. Whatever lifestyle you live, BOSS MEAL PREP is here to help you eat healthy with ease!

Our Story

BOSS MEAL PREP was founded in 2019 by Alexandra Nero. As a Certified Health Coach and lifelong pursuer of all things health and wellness, she noticed a serious lack of convenient healthy food options in CNY. Coming from Corporate Marketing and meal prepping for herself every week, she knew there had to be an easier way!

Any normal, busy person (even those who like to cook like she did!) simply does not have the time to shop, cook, prep and package their own food every week. AND if you do… you’re eating the same thing every. single. day. Am I right? And good luck finding healthy choices eating out! Alex felt like she couldn’t eat anywhere and truly enjoy herself because every meal felt like “cheating”.

The idea for BOSS MEAL PREP was born. A way for individuals to eat healthy without all the hassle! We create meals that are friggen delicious, that you can eat everyday, and be HAPPY eating healthy. With our extensive knowledge of nutrition balancing and flavors, we make sure our clients are eating healthy and loving every bite!

BOSS Meal Prep