Fall Favorites Sample Pack

Here’s an opportunity to try our Latest and Greatest meals this Fall, personally chosen for you each week by Chef Alex!


  • 4 weeks of 10 meals a week (40 meals total)
  • includes FREE pickup or delivery each week on Mondays
  • prepay for 20% discount
  • chef’s choice (meals may change slightly week to week based on menu changes and item availability)
  • the meals you see at purchase are what you will get your first week
  • meals are chosen from the Lifestyle Meals


  1. anyone who wants to try out our favorite meals at a discount
  2. anyone who wants the easiest, most convenient possible solution 🙂
  3. anyone who isn’t picky, and just wants to eat clean, healthy, and delicious food!

All meals are lidded; no modifications allowed; you can pause a week if necessary in your account for whatever reason (vacation, etc), and your prepaid weeks will be there when you return; meals are chef’s choice, not user choice.


Earn 89 Points

20% off lunches & dinners for 5 days a week, for 4 weeks, with chef’s choice lifestyle meals and FREE delivery!

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