boss meal prep senior discount

Does your D.O.B. make you a “Senior”… or is there someone you care for that is? Then you should be taking advantage of our SENIOR DISCOUNT!

Send a photo of your CURRENT ID/DRIVER’S LICENSE and your BEST EMAIL ADDRESS (the one that will be used to place the orders) to us at: (315) 929-2677 and we will hook you up with an exclusive discount available for all of your orders store-wide, now until forever!

Alternatively, you can also send us an email with that info to

We know how hard it is to cook healthy meals every day, especially if you’re only feeding yourself. It’s our mission here at BOSS MEAL PREP to make eating healthy, easy for EVERYONE.

MEAL PREP is a newer concept — and you might not be familiar with it yet. It’s not takeout — and it’s not something you have to cook. Our meals are fully cooked and ready to eat, prepared fresh by our Chef and her team, specifically for you. When you order from us, you order for the whole week!

At BOSS MEAL PREP, we make your favorite meals (like Chicken Parmesan, Beef & Broccoli, Enchiladas, Steak Tips…) lighter, cleaner, fresher, and DEFINTELY tastier! All of our meals are macro-balanced and portion-controlled — so if you’re having trouble getting enough solid meals in throughout the day (or you know someone that is) — this is a sure-fire way to guarantee proper caloric intake. We focus on creating dishes that are High in Protein and Heart-Healthy, made with organic vegetables, whole grains, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

We have the LARGEST variety of meals on the menu at all times in New York, and we are founded, owned and operated locally since 2019 in East Syracuse. When you call us with questions, you talk right with the Owner and Head Chef!

If you want to learn more about Chef Alexandra and how we got started, click here.

Ordering is easy — here’s how it works:

  1. Select a Meal Plan
  2. Choose how many meals you would like a week
  3. Pick out the meals that look good to you
  4. Checkout with pickup (3 locations) or local delivery right to your door

We operate on a once-weekly schedule. That means you can order at any time on the website, but all orders must be in by THURSDAYS at MIDNIGHT for THAT MONDAY pickup/delivery. (We work the weekends so you can have your meals for the week!)

We don’t require a subscription — but it certainly does make things easier, especially if you’re worried about forgetting to order by the deadline. Our menu changes and rotates every month, so you’re never bored, but our signature staple meals stay on for life!

If you have any more questions about how to get started, you can check out our FAQ page for all the info, or call/text/email Chef Alex and she will be happy to help!

We’re here for you. Eat Healthy. Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Eat like a BOSS!

BOSS Meal Prep