student discount by boss meal prep for healthy meals

Are you a current student in Upstate New York trying to eat healthier? Want a discount?

Send a photo of your VALID STUDENT ID and your STUDENT EMAIL ADDRESS to us at: (315) 929-2677 and we will hook you up with an exclusive discount available store-wide!

Alternatively, you can also send us an email with that info to [email protected].

We know how hard it is to find healthy meals on and off-campus with your super hectic life. Who has time to cook? Or wait in line at the national chain stores?

With BOSS MEAL PREP’s prepared, healthy meals, you will have your favorite foods, ready to eat, at all times. You can throw our vacuum sealed meals in your book bag, and never worry about a spilled container, a missed meal, or a hangry attitude.

You need to be focused, and on your A-GAME at ALL TIMES. BOSS Meal Prep wants to help with that!

Stay prepared. Stay healthy. Eat like a BOSS.

BOSS Meal Prep