What’s up Boss Fam? 👋 Just a heads up that we will be closed next week, 3/28-3/31 for Testing and Training.

What does that mean?

That means that unfortunately, you won’t be able to order meals for that week.

What can we do instead?

You can order extra meals THIS WEEK to have some extra for the following week!

Will the meals last?

We’ve opened up the vacuum sealing option on all meals, and made it complimentary again, so you can order some extra and have them vacuum sealed, free of charge!

What is the vacuum sealing option?

We place your food tray in a food-safe plastic pouch, and use our vacuum sealing machines to remove the oxygen from the meal, and heat seal it closed. By removing the oxygen, we are able to preserve the freshness of the meals by up to 50% longer!

This means that a meal that would typically be freshest 4-5 days, now will last 7-8! Also, it can now be placed in the freezer for up to a month!

If I freeze the vacuum sealed meals, how do I reheat them?

BEST WAY: remove the meal from the freezer and place in the fridge 24 hours n advance. Then reheat as normal.

STILL OKAY WAY: go directly from freezer to microwave, adding some extra time in 30 second increments until heated as desired.

OKAY, not to be nosy, but what does TESTING AND TRAINING really mean?

Hahaha, it really means just that! We have been growing so quickly, that we haven’t had a chance to get 100% organized the way we’d like to be! So we’re going to take some “menu/staff development days” to help us:

  • Try out some new recipes and ideas we’ve been brainstorming
  • Get new staff trained up on our policies and procedures
  • Develop more efficient protocol for production
  • Prepare for warmer weather and the way that will change our pickup/delivery day
  • Bring in some new equipment to help us with production

We are constantly working to become the best version of BOSS MEAL PREP we could possible be, for YOU! Thank you SO MUCH for all your love and support as we’ve grown the past year! We are super excited and amped up to get working on all the new ideas we have, and we know that 2021 has a lot of amazing things in store … for US and for YOU!

💛 Alex (and the team)

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