Welcome to BOSS MEAL PREP! Couple things you should know:

  1. Everything we make is SUPER FRESH 🌿, and we NEVER freeze our meals 🙂
  2. We are constantly testing 👩‍🍳 and adding NEW, EXCITING meals to the menu EVERY WEEK!
  3. Your meals are labeled with macros 📝, allergens, and reheat instructions
  4. All our food is FULLY COOKED and READY TO EAT 🍴
  5. We do NOT require subscriptions, but we do offer them for convenience!

We are a small, LOCAL 📍, woman-owned business working HARD every day to give you the most delicious, healthiest meals in the most convenient, affordable way possible because we care about you, your health, and your happiness 😊!

Our wide variety of meals and offerings are PERFECT for anyone who is:

  • an athlete 🏋️‍♂️
  • a working professional 👔
  • on-the-go all the time 🏃
  • trying to eat healthier 🥗
  • supporting an exercise/weight loss program 💪
  • doesn’t like to/want to or sucks at cooking 😂!

If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns — never hesitate to reach out! We are here to help you live your BEST, HEALTHIEST life!

💛Alex and the BOSS MEAL PREP Team


BOSS Meal Prep